Hello everyone!
I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday.

I just wanted to share my post on Tosca Reno’s website, click here to read it.
In short, it’s about my eat-clean journey and my experience with the flexitarian life.

Check out my challenge for everyone, and hopefully you will be on board.
I would love to hear your feedback and/or your own stories about your own vegetarian/pescetarian/flexitarian adventures.




As you can see, my goal to start blogging sort of failed. Ha!
I started a new job about 5 weeks ago, which has taken over a chunk of my schedule but now that I’m settled in, it’s blogging time!  Life is good, I have a great new job in entertaining/event marketing and I’ve been enjoying the beautiful summer weather!

Some fun news, tomorrow you can see my guest blog for The Eat-Clean Diet, on Tosca Reno’s blog.  Just a short article on my experience with the ECD and practicing eating well, and working on my fitness and health.

To check out the blog tomorrow (May 25),  go to  http://toscareno.blogspot.ca/ and tell me what you think!