About Me

Thank you for checking out my new blog.

My name is Amanda, I’m 25 years old and eager to finally have a lifestyle blog!
I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while now, but couldn’t narrow it down to what I wanted to blog about- so I’ve decided to write about all the things I luv.  I have many interests and I’m passionate about them all, so this blog will be about my luvs and why I luv them.

My career is in entertainment marketing & public relations, I have worked for some of the best entertainment companies- including MTV Canada, Warner Bros. Canada, Starz Entertainment, and others.   In addition to that, I do freelance writing and website designing on the side-  I like to keep busy and continue to learn and grow.

My career is important to me, as is my personal life.
I have a wonderful boyfriend of 6 years and we have a condo downtown Toronto with our little kitty, Ritzy. My most important luvs are my friends and family, followed by yoga, entertainment and much more.

Follow my blogs as I write about luv, luving and my many luvs! ❤



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